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Wilson’s Weather Service has been detailing and weathering both ready-to-run and kit-built rolling stock for well over 5 years. Long established as a demonstrator of simple weathering techniques at model railway events, these techniques can be expanded to produce detailed effects and subtle enhancements to any period of rolling stock.

All weathering is carried out using acrylic and emulsion paints (ie: those that are water-based), weathering powders and pencils. As the building blocks of the services provided were established a while ago at shows, it seemed then a lot easier and more user-friendly to avoid airbrushing and this continues to the present day. All models are hand-painted with brush and paint or pigment using various methods including dry brushing and washes.

Please feel free to get in touch – happy to hear from you, regardless of whether it’s a simple or complex question regarding weathering or anything else model railway related, a quote for weathering work or a show invite.

Service provided

Wagon and rolling stock weathering – from £5.00 for basic weathering of a four-wheel wagon in N and OO gauges and from £10.00 for a bogie vehicle. Price is for the weathering service only – does not include wagon or other vehicle.

Model shown is a medium weathered Dapol mineral wagon in O gauge (£15.00)

Locomotive weathering – from £25 for a simple tank engine or small diesel in N or OO and from £35 for a larger diesel or large steam locomotive with tender. Price is for the weathering service only – does not include locomotive or other vehicle.

Model shown is a Hornby Britannia, renumbered, renamed and then heavily weathered with multiple layering of paint (£45.00)

Get in Touch

It’s difficult to quote without seeing what is required – a lot depends on the scale of the model and the level of weathering specified. Names and numbers can also be changed at extra cost. A photo of the real vehicle is of great help, but if not, a generic image can be used from the library to assist with the process.

You’re welcome to drop any items off at the shows we’re attending or you can post to the address below – this is a high-quality bricks-and-mortar model shop in its own right, so is always worth a visit to drop items off.

During and after the work, we’ll keep in touch using images at various stages (if required) and the model will be securely and extremely well packaged and posted (at the customer’s cost) by Crafty Hobbies, who already post models and craft items all over the world.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wilson’s Weather Service
C/O Crafty Hobbies, 54 Cavendish Street, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 1PZ, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 01229 820759

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